PhotoWear is a watch face for Wear OS (and select Samsung watches, including the Gear S3, Sport, and Galaxy) that allows you to show off up to 9 of your photos. You can display a photo grid of 9 photos, or you can display one photo at a time.

PhotoWear consists of two parts: the watch face and the mobile companion app. Use the mobile app to pick and upload photos to your watch and to configure your watch face.

PhotoWear Pro

The free version of PhotoWear is fully functional, while purchasing Pro gives you additional customizations and access to:
  • 5 new clock styles
  • ability to change settings like fonts (9 to choose from), colors, date format settings, etc. 
  • unlocks Instagram integration so you can download your photos from Instagram

And for less than an typical latte, your support helps cover our ongoing expenses as we are a small developer team with very limited resources. We hope you enjoy using PhotoWear and find it is worth this small token of support.